Expert Option is an online binary options trading platform that provides access to a range of financial markets, including stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. The company was founded in 2014 and is operated by Expert Option Ltd., which is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

The platform aims to offer a user-friendly trading experience, with a focus on simplicity and accessibility. It provides both web-based and mobile trading applications, allowing users to trade on-the-go from their smartphones or tablets.

The platform supports various trading styles, including traditional call/put options, as well as other types of trading such as digital options, Forex, and CFD trading.

Expert Option provides a range of tradable assets, including over 100 different currency pairs, stocks from global markets, commodities like gold and oil, popular indices, and cryptocurrencies.

The platform is designed to provide an intuitive and user-friendly experience, catering to both novice and experienced traders. It presents customizable charting tools, technical analysis indicators and real-time market quotes.

The Broker presents a range of account types with distinct features and advantages, such as increased profit, access to educational resources, and personal account managers. These account options are tailored to meet the diverse needs of traders.

To assist traders in their learning and skill development, the platform offers educational materials like video tutorials, webinars and market analysis.

Customer support is offered through various communication channels, including live chat, email, and phone. Traders can easily reach out to the support team for assistance regarding platform-related inquiries or account-related concerns.

Expert Option Regulation and Security

Expert Option, operating as ExpertOption Ltd., is a company that is regulated by The Financial Commission. The company is based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines at 1510 Kingstown, Suite 305, the Griffith Corporate Centre, and holds registration number 22863. Payments are processed through Vestede Limited, a company located in Gibraltar with company number 116061.

One notable advantage for clients of Expert Option is the insurance policy provided by The Financial Commission compensation fund. This insurance policy offers coverage of up to 20,000 Euros per account, providing an additional layer of protection and peace of mind for traders.

In addition to regulation, Expert Option provides various security measures to ensure the safety of their clients’ information and funds. Visa and MasterCard verification adds an extra layer of security when making transactions using these payment methods, helping to protect against unauthorized use.

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The use of SSL encryption on the ExpertOption website is a crucial security feature. SSL encryption ensures that all data transmitted between the user’s device and the website is encrypted using robust cryptographic algorithms. This encryption helps to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information, such as personal details and financial data.

Expert Option emphasizes transparency to its clients. The Broker aims to keep their clients well-informed about the handling and management of their funds. The company’s commitment to segregating client funds is also noteworthy. Segregation means that client funds are kept separate from the broker’s operational funds, reducing the risk of misappropriation.

Additionally, holding the client’s funds in accounts with top grade banks adds another layer of security, as these banks are expected to meet high financial standards.

Expert Option Trading Platform

Expert Option provides traders with a range of intuitive platforms, allowing them to trade through the web, mobile app, or dedicated desktop terminal. Unlike some brokers who utilize existing platforms, ExpertOption has developed its own proprietary platform.

This platform is fully customizable and can be personalized to meet the specific needs of each individual client. It seamlessly integrates all features, ensuring a smooth trading experience regardless of whether the user is accessing it through a desktop or mobile device.

The ExpertOption platform offers various market and analysis tools to assist traders in making informed decisions. This includes eight indicators, providing valuable insights into market trends and potential trading opportunities.

Traders also have access to four chart types, allowing for comprehensive technical analysis. Additionally, the platform supports the use of multiple trend lines, enabling traders to identify and track price patterns more effectively.

 One notable feature of the ExpertOption platform is social trading.  This functionality allows clients to monitor and, if desired, copy the trades of successful and experienced traders. By observing and replicating the strategies of top traders, clients have the opportunity to potentially maximize their profits and learn from established market participants.

Expert Option Account Types

Expert Option typically offers different account types to accommodate the varying needs and preferences of traders.

  • Micro Account: This is often the basic entry-level account type suitable for beginners or traders who want to start with smaller investments. It requires minimum deposit of $10 and offers basic features and functionalities. Micro Account supports maximum 5 simultaneous open deals and maximum deal amount of $10.
  • Basic Account: This account type requires $50 minimum deposit – slightly higher minimum deposit compared to the micro account. It provides additional features and benefits such as access to educational materials. Basic Account allows maximum 10 simultaneous open deals and maximum deal amount of $25.
  • Silver Account: The Silver Account is usually designed for traders who have gained some experience and are willing to make a higher initial deposit. Silver Account holders are granted access to daily markets reviews and financial research tools. Minimum required deposit for this account type is $500. It allows maximum 15 simultaneous open deals and maximum deal amount of $250.
  • Gold Account: The Gold Account is typically suitable for more experienced traders who are willing to invest a significant amount of capital. It includes all the features of the silver account but with further advantages, such faster withdrawal processing and increased asset profit up to 2%. Gold Account requires $2500 minimum deposit, allows simultaneous open deals up to 30 and deal amount up to $1000.
  • Platinum Account: This account requires at least $5000 minimum deposit and offers all the features of the Gold Account. Platinum Account holders can benefit increased asset profit up to 4%. There is no limit on simultaneously open deals and clients can trade up to $2000 on a single option transaction.
  • Exclusive Account: The Exclusive Account is the highest-tier account type offered by Expert Option, usually tailored for professional or institutional traders. It is an invitation only type of account and comes with all the features granted for the Platinum Account with additional advantages such as increased asset profit up to 6%.

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Demo Account: It is designed to provide users with a simulated trading experience that closely replicates the features and functionalities of a normal trading account. It offers all the features available on a regular account, allowing users to explore and familiarize themselves with the platform.

For beginners, the demo account presents an excellent opportunity to practice and test their trading skills and strategies in a risk-free environment. Research suggests that starting with a demo account can help individuals reduce their losses as they gain experience and confidence in their trading abilities.

Advanced traders can also benefit from the demo account by using it to experiment with the application of new indicators or trading techniques. It enables them to assess the effectiveness of these strategies without risking real funds.

Expert Option demo account provides users with a virtual balance of $10000, allowing them to simulate trades and monitor their performance. This virtual balance ensures that traders can practice and explore the platform’s features without the fear of losing actual money.

Expert Option Trading Assets

Expert Option provides access to a diverse range of trading assets across multiple financial markets.

Expert Option allows trading on a variety of stocks from global markets. This includes stocks of well-known companies listed on major stock exchanges.

Traders can also engage in trading commodities through Expert Option. This typically includes popular commodities such as gold, silver, crude oil, natural gas, and agricultural products.

Expert Option provides access to a selection of global indices. These indices represent the overall performance of specific stock markets and enable traders to speculate on the collective movement of multiple stocks.

Expert Option offers trading opportunities in the foreign exchange (Forex) market. Traders can access a wide range of currency pairs, including major, minor, and exotic pairs.

Expert Option recognizes the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and a variety of digital currencies are offered for trading. This may encompass popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and more.

Please note that the availability of specific trading assets may vary depending on the jurisdiction and any updates or changes made by Expert Option.

Expert Option Bonus and Promotions

Expert Option offers various bonuses and promotions to its clients, which are designed to provide additional value and incentives for traders. While the specific bonus and promotional offers may have changed since the writing of this article, here is an overview of the types of bonuses and promotions typically provided by Expert Option:

  • Welcome Bonus: Expert Option often offers a welcome bonus to new clients upon opening an account and making an initial deposit. This bonus is typically a percentage of the deposited amount and can vary based on the terms and conditions set by Expert Option.
  • Deposit Bonus: Expert Option may provide deposit bonuses for existing clients who make subsequent deposits into their trading accounts. These bonuses can offer additional trading funds or other benefits, and the percentage or terms of the bonus may vary.
  • Promotional Campaigns: Expert Option may run time-limited promotional campaigns that offer special bonuses or rewards to eligible traders. These campaigns can include various incentives such as cashback programs, trading competitions with prizes or special trading features for a limited period.
  • Loyalty Programs: Expert Option may offer loyalty programs or reward schemes for long-term and active traders. These programs often provide exclusive benefits, personalized services or additional bonuses based on trading activity or account status.

Please be aware that bonuses and promotions are typically subject to specific terms and conditions, including wagering requirements and withdrawal restrictions. Traders are advised to carefully review the terms and conditions associated with any bonus or promotion offered by ExpertOption to ensure they fully understand the requirements and implications.

Expert Option Deposit and Withdrawal

Expert Option offers a diverse range of payment methods, giving clients a wide selection of options to choose from. This variety not only allows clients to have multiple choices but also enables the broker to assist clients in expediting the payment process.

Expert Option collaborates with more than 20 payment systems, further enhancing the flexibility and convenience for clients when depositing or withdrawing funds.

  • Bank Cards: Expert Option accepts deposits through major credit and debit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro. This option allows for quick and convenient deposits directly from your card.
  • Electronic Payment Systems: Popular electronic payment systems like Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, and others are frequently supported by Expert Option. These platforms offer a convenient and swift way to manage deposits and withdrawals.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Expert Option clients can use Binance Pay in order to fund and withdraw money from their account. This option provides an alternative for clients who prefer digital currencies.

Please note that the availability of specific payment systems may vary based on your location and the regulations in place.

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Expert Option Customer Support

Expert Option provides customer support to assist clients with their inquiries, concerns, and technical issues. The broker offers multiple channels through which clients can reach their customer support team:

  • Live Chat: Expert Option offers a live chat feature on their website. This allows clients to have real-time conversations with a support representative and receive immediate assistance.
  • Email: Clients can contact Expert Option’s customer support team by sending an email to This allows for non-urgent inquiries or more detailed explanations of issues.
  • Phone: Expert Option provides a dedicated support line for specific account types, enabling clients to speak directly with a support representative for prompt assistance.

Expert Option’s customer support team is typically equipped to handle queries related to the trading platform, account management, technical issues, and general inquiries about the broker’s services. They strive to provide timely and helpful responses to ensure a positive customer experience.

Expert Option Conclusion

Expert Option has emerged as a relatively new participant in the online options industry. While many brokers primarily target traders from Europe and Australia, ExpertOption has focused its efforts on markets spanning Asia, parts of Europe, as well as South and Central America.

Since its establishment, the broker has experienced rapid growth, amassing over 7 million registered accounts. They offer a range of features commonly found in well-established platforms. However, Expert Option seeks to set itself apart by providing a high effective return of 90% and offering a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies, in addition to six different account types.

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